Corporate responsibility

We're committed to developing Capita as a long term sustainable business by delivering value to all our stakeholders: our clients, employees, partners and the wider community.

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We are the specialist property and infrastructure business of Capita plc. We deliver solutions, reduce costs and enhance services for a wide range of clients across central and local government as well as property developers, investors, occupiers, building contractors and a range of other commercial organisations and blue chip companies.

We create unique, cost effective solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients. And we don’t just design these solutions, we also deliver them. However complex the challenge, we bring together the right people with the
right skills to streamline our clients’ services and improve customer experiences across hundreds of public and commercial organisations.

Our business goal is to deliver value to all our stakeholders. To achieve this, we have a strategy of continuously growing our operations in a controlled, profitable manner across all our target markets. Our strategy is delivered through our consistent business model which enables us to deliver effective solutions for our clients and build a sustainable business.