Capita Symonds Completes Derbyshire Fire Safety Work

30 June 2011

Capita Symonds has completed a project for Derbyshire Community Health Services to carry out fire safety surveys across all its properties.

The project involved the surveying of 43 properties, including community hospitals and health centres, analysing areas such as:

  • Gas and electrical service points (the fire service need to be aware of these point in the event of an emergency);
  • Fire control panels (these show the fire service where a fire might be located);
  • Escape routes in the event of an emergency;
  • Fire Alarm call points, detectors, and emergency lighting;
  • Fire compartmentalisation (illustrating the ability of a wall or door to contain a fire for 30-60 minutes);

Peter Wearmouth explains: “NHS facilities change their layout on a regular basis to accommodate service changes so the team prepared fire drawings that will assist the Trust and fire service in case of a serious fire.

Many of the previous fire drawings were over ten years old and had been updated and amended in different ways leaving them with ‘patchwork drawings’ to varying standards. Our job was to redo all of the drawings to make them consistent, accurate and all to the same British Standards as well as picking up layout changes and service changes.

The aim was to provide the Trust with a comprehensive and up to date record of all of their properties with detailed fire related information which was compatible to AutoCAD 2008, as well as making it easier for external users to interpret the drawings, such as the fire service in the event of a fire. It’s also worth noting that part of our role has been to make the drawings as user friendly as possible so that the Trust can edit the drawings in line with future changes without losing consistency and accuracy.”