Capita Symonds to Speak at Major Urban Trees Conference

7 April 2011

Capita Symonds’ Martin Kelly will be speaking on ‘Urban Trees and the Green Infrastructure Agenda’ at the Urban Trees Research Conference on Thursday April 14th.

The two-day conference (13-14 April), which is being is being held at The Clarendon Suites, Edgbaston, Birmingham, brings together the widest range of practitioners, researchers and professional organisations concerned with urban landscapes or the built environment.

Urban trees and woodlands have come up the agenda at both government and local levels. They are a major element of green infrastructure, not just in the UK but across the globe. Speakers will explore:

  • Environmental benefits of trees in urban planning;
  • Economic values of trees in urban landscapes;
  • Social benefits, from wellbeing to green networks;
  • Successfully integrating trees into the built environment;
  • Technical advances for the survival of urban trees;
  • What actions we have to take for a greener future.

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