Chew Magna Protection Scheme Complete

17 May 2011

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A ten-month project to protect 69 properties at risk of flooding in Chew Magna, Bath & North East Somerset, has been completed.

Capita Symonds provided flood risk advice on the £325,000 project which was funded by DEFRA and overseen by Bath and North East Somerset Council and Chew Magna Parish Council.

The geography and conservation status of Chew Magna meant that a flood protection scheme to protect groups of houses wasn’t possible and therefore individual property protection was necessary. Capita Symonds worked closely with Chew Magna Parish Council, the Environment Agency and Bath & North East Somerset Council and UK Flood Barriers to protect the properties most at risk.

Initially, 33 properties affected by flooding from the Winford Brook were deemed most at risk. However, the scheme was such a success that DEFRA extended the project to the rest of Chew Magna.

As well as protecting the most at risk properties, the project also increased awareness within the community of the flood risk and encouraged them to work together to protect themselves through their Parish Flood Warden Scheme.

This project is an example of the benefits of improved flood water management - a direct aim of the Flood and Water Management Act which was introduced in April 2010. The Act intends to improve local flood risk management through actions such as improving flood risk maps, developing a plan for management of flood and surface water and to require the use of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS).