Victoria BID Announces Green Infrastructure Pilot Projects

24 October 2011

Victoria BID has announced plans to implement a series of Green Infrastructure pilot projects across Victoria.

The BID is spearheading the introduction of several roof gardens, rain gardens and living walls which are due for completion by the Spring of 2012. This is the first time any central London Business Improvement District has been instrumental in changing the built environment by retrofitting several permanent green features to counter environmental issues identified within the city.

The most favourable locations for rain gardens have been selected following a survey conducted earlier this year. ‘Greening’ Victoria will encompass the introduction of small-scale flood management features into a predominantly hard and urban environment.

Confirmed sites include the John Lewis Group head office on Victoria Street. In addition, several sites have now been confirmed for the retrofitting of roof gardens - the Park Plaza Victoria hotel, 16 Palace Street (owned by Land Securities and occupied by DP World and 3i), as well as the roof of John Lewis Group itself.

These exciting new projects follow on from the commissioning of a Green Infrastructure Report by Victoria BID last year, which was used as a case study outlined in the recent Government White Paper, The Natural Choice, Securing the Value of Nature. The main objective of this report was to look at what existed in the area and provide a range of possible outcomes for increased rainfall attenuation benefits associated with increased ‘green features’. Also of high importance: biodiversity enhancement; climate adaptation; amenity value; human wellbeing and aesthetic enhancement.

Martin Kelly, Capita Symonds and Chair of Victoria BID Clean & Green steering committee, said: “We look to harness the expertise and potential within the industry to raise awareness, reward commitment and devise innovative solutions to issues that could be used in real situations to create a positive impact.”

Several key sites in Victoria SW1 were surveyed by Land Use Consultants as a consequence and have led us to this point of implementing schemes as part of commitment by the BID to create a greener Victoria, whilst supporting the planned redevelopments already underway in the area. All green initiatives financed and managed through the BID play a key role in ensuring a sustainable and prosperous environment for the benefit of business as well as visitors to and residents of Victoria.

About Victoria Business Improvement District (Victoria BID)

Victoria BID provides a platform for businesses to work together to improve and enhance the urban context of Victoria. Guided by businesses and organisations based within the SW1 area, the Victoria BID team are shaping Victoria’s future development. We have established a full programme of initiatives, services and events to deliver during the first five-year term of the BID.

These will be further complemented by new proposals for regeneration of the area that will help reposition and strengthen Victoria’s offer as a central business district over the next decade. Further information about our green theme can be found at: