Capita Symonds partners LTM

20 November 2007

Capita Symonds will be a 'Future Partner' at the revamped London Transport Museum in Covent Garden when it reopens on 22 November.

As one of the museum’s ‘Future Partners’ over the next two years, Capita Symonds (in conjunction with The Capita Group Plc) will be exhibiting at the ‘Visions for London’s Future’ exhibition which deals with the transport issues facing the London of 2025.

The exhibit – voiced by TV’s Adam Hart-Davis (right) – will explore the benefits of road technology from traffic signals and road user pricing to the systems of the future.

Visitors will be shown how, in the near future, developments such as ‘in car tag’ will enable satellites to pinpoint a motorist’s location and give instant travel advice, highlight congestion levels, preferred routes, carbon emissions and road user charges, as well as alternative public transport options. The same in-car technology will also be used to introduce ‘road trains’ on major routes where traffic distance and speed is controlled.

When it reopens, the museum’s permanent exhibits will tell the story of the development of London, its transport systems, and the people who’ve travelled and worked there over the last 200 years.

As well as exploring the past, the new museum will also look at future transport developments and how transport has shaped five other world cities - Delhi, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo.

The renovated museum also has more space and better facilities, including a new 121-seat cubic theatre, larger shop and café.