Newt season arrives

14 April 2010

Great Crested Newt

The Great Crested Newt season has arrived.

Due to their protected status these innocent looking creatures can delay developments and cost money. What’s more, the season for surveying their habitats is extremely tight – 4-6 surveys are required before mid-June.

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett from our Ecology team says: “We always advise our clients to consider these as early as possible to avoid programme delays and potentially waiting for the following year's survey season."

Great Crested Newts (GCNs) may be relevant if a project encompasses habitats such as temporary or permanent ponds, ditches, rough grassland or woodland. They forage over land and, generally, suitable waterbodies within 500m are subject to survey and recommendations (GCNs have even been recorded occupying a water-holding swimming pool cover!).
Sarah says: “Capita Symonds' ecologists use various survey techniques including Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) Assessments, presence/absence surveys and population surveys to help contractors spot GCNs. We hold Natural England licences, undertake all aspects of mitigation, including development (EPS) licence applications and translocations, and advise on habitat creation and enhancement. We also tailor advice specifically to the site and client needs and have an excellent record in anticipating and averting problems thanks to our rapid turnaround of advice, reports and mitigation.”

“Our Ecology team offer a wide range of ecological solutions for all project stages to ensure compliance with current environmental legislation and planning policies. With various protected wildlife able to cause delays, extra costs and even the shelving of a development, the need to consider ecology at the start of a project has never been greater,” she adds.

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