Talking point


26 May 2016

What’s the best way to judge the market?

The fortunes of construction management businesses tell a wider story about the industry as a whole...

3 May 2016

Increasing the Employability of University Students

Jonathan Telling looks at how Universities are investing in their estates to provide the best experience.

13 April 2016

CDM 2015 - One Year On

One year in, we look at what the main changes have been and how they have bedded in.

29 March 2016

The modern health and safety professional’s toolkit

How the modern H&S professional needs to add commercial awareness & communication skills into their toolkit...

23 November 2015

The race to be smart...

Can retrofitted energy efficiency make the smart savings we need?

20 November 2015

Navigating Our Way to Smarter Roads

As cities across the world become more populous and congested, 'intelligent mobility' may be the solution...

4 November 2015

To Get Britain Building, We Need to Get Britain Planning

If the government is to revamp the country’s planning system, it must have local authorities at its core.

27 October 2015

Smarter Workplaces Need Smarter Thinking

Capita Property and Infrastructure’s Peter Jones look at the evolving modern workplace...

23 October 2015

Colleges and the Impact of Area Based Reviews

Samantha Davis analyses what Area Based Reviews mean for the further education sector...

21 October 2015

We need a very British model of ‘build-to-rent’ if it’s to work

Build-to-rent schemes are increasingly touted as one of the solutions to the UK’s housing crisis...