We recognise that the UK education sector is in the midst of a period of considerable change.

Changes to funding have introduced new government revenue streams that focus on free schools, academies, studio schools and University Technical Colleges (UTCs), underpinned by a desire to streamline the procurement process and reduce costs. The further and higher education sectors have also seen significant transformation in recent years due to changes in funding and a constantly evolving demand for places.

Our services combine education design and development advice from experienced educationalists with architecture, engineering, FM, ICT, project management and strategic real estate expertise.

We work closely with government, sponsors, teachers, parents, pupils, promoters, schools, local authorities and residents to deliver transformational learning environments that also make real and lasting impacts on the wider community.

Some of our projects over the past decade:

  • Provided design, project management, technical advisory and education consultancy services for 60 academies and nine free schools
  • Contributed to 12 Building Schools for the Future programmes
  • Designed alternative procurement routes for university technical colleges