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Personal one to one mentoring in Health and Safety

This typically takes the form of a 1 hour meeting with Martin Barnard every few months to discuss particular issues as they arise. These mentoring sessions provide great benefits to both the individual and their organisation:


  1. Time is specifically focussed on health and safety strategic issues
  2. Opportunity to learn from leading expert on health and safety
  3. Ability to think ‘outside the box’ i.e. explore ideas without concern for how such notions may be viewed internally
  4. Encouragement to combine ‘leadership’ in health and safety with the ‘management’ aspect which more usually occupies the individual’s time
  5. Opportunity to gain confidence and feel comfortable in the health and safety messages to be delivered
  6. Be able to speak openly with external ‘honest bloke’ on specific issues


  1. Enhancing individual and corporate strategy for health and safety
  2. Developing health and safety ‘champion’ at senior level who will influence thinking of peers
  3. Better balance between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ in the delivery of company business
  4. Obvious and clear demonstration of proactive approach to health and safety which can stand the test of external scrutiny
  5. Senior individuals more confident and more willing to engage the workforce in a joint approach to positive health and safety
  6. Cost effective means of engaging senior personnel in a proactive approach based on simple deliverables such as ‘little but often’ and ‘celebrate success’.

If you would like to discuss further please call Pennie James on 01342 333543, or for more contacts, see our Contact Details page