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Stewart Murray speaks at Housing innovation: new methods of construction and delivery

30th March 2017

Are we doing enough to reverse the “inexorable decline” predicted for the construction industry in The Farmer Review? Major new efforts in the delivery of affordable housing are being made, but how can we push these modern methods to deliver at the pace required?

Two years since NLA’s New Ideas for Housing Competition we explore the latest innovations and new approaches to housing construction and delivery. What fresh thinking is happening across the built environment now? How are we overcoming barriers to ensure we can put this fresh thinking into action?

The Deputy Mayor for Housing, James Murray, and Mark Farmer (author of The Farmer Review) will be joined by industry experts including Stewart Murray, Head of Development Group, for the NLA Housing Innovation: New methods of construction and delivery on Thursday 30 March. The conference begins at 9:00am in NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT.

They will look at the barriers they must overcome and assess how we can be innovative in our approach to affordability and construction within Sadiq’s new parameters.

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