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Government Property 2018

1st February 2018

We are a lead sponsor at the Government Property 2018 conference on Thursday 1 February at QEII Centre, London.

The Government Property 2018 conference, held in partnership with Cabinet Office's Government Property Unit, is a unique opportunity for delegates to better understand the Government Estate Strategy and to get closer to the centre of government thinking on the future of publicly owned and managed land and property.

Our session
Richard McCarthy, will be chairing our session at 12noon entitled:Maximising public estate development opportunities

The public sector has an unprecedented opportunity to deliver key real estate projects that can help deliver fresh opportunities across the UK, helping to maximise revenues, create jobs and drive efficiencies.

In this 40 minute panel session, The DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) will set out their strategic approach to one of the most complex and challenging estates management programmes in the UK. Capita plc, working with the Head Office and Front Line Commands (FLCs), developed the MOD Footprint Strategy.

This plan was announced in November 2016. The goal of the strategy to develop an approved delivery plan, along with a strategic 2040 laydown for the Defence Estate ensuring it achieves the MOD’s objective of delivering a significantly smaller but significantly better estate with the aim of reducing the footprint by 30%.

This rationalisation and estate transformation programme recognises the crucial role of infrastructure in efficiently and effectively enabling military capability through providing the Armed Forces with the fit for purpose estate they require to live, work, train and deploy. This will constitute the largest estate rationalisation programme since World War II and will also contribute land for 55,000 housing units during this Parliament.

In addition to providing a fascinating picture of the ground-breaking work being undertaken by the DIO, the panel will consider how new investment and fund structures can assist local authorities in enabling a new approach to investment, as well as accelerate land release for much needed housing.

The panel will also consider how “footprint” and asset audits can provide a new perspective on releasing value – not through land and property sales but also through improved utilisation and targeted investment.

The main conference themes are:

  • The Land Release Fund: a co-operative programme between DCLG, LGA and GPU, designed to encourage release of land by local authorities for house building purposes
  • One Public Estate: the latest iteration of OPE is closely related to the Land Release Fund and continues to attract bids for funding
  • The Hubs Programme: very much a pillar of government's property strategy and increasingly in the news, ie Canary Wharf, Liverpool, Cardiff etc
  • The New Property Model: progress on the centralisation of the government estate

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