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Jack Southon presents at Flood and Coast Conference

20th March 2018 - 23rd March 2018

Jack Southon, Principal Environmental Consultant, is a confirmed speaker for the Flood and Coast conference at 4:15pm on Wednesday 21 March at Telford International Centre.

Flood & Coast conference advances the debate about flood and coast erosion risk, resilience and response between government bodies and local authorities with business, major infrastructure and asset managers, as well as affected communities. Embracing the concept of “a changing climate” the event draws on expertise and experience from different geographies – not only within the UK.

Jack will take to the stage in the Ludlow room 1 at 4:15pm his session is "The review of flood risk modelling supporting planning applications: lessons learned from five years of independent reviews". He will discuss how flood and coast partners are informing local planning and land use decisions to manage flood risk. What challenges and opportunities are they uncovering and how are the managing them. 

See the full programme here

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