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Flood and Coast Conference 2019

18th June 2019 - 20th June 2019

John Dudley, Associate Flood Risk Consultant, is a confirmed speaker for the Flood and Coast conference from 2:30pm on Wednesday 19 June at Telford International Centre.

Flood & Coast conference advances the debate about flood and coast erosion risk, resilience and response between government bodies and local authorities with business, major infrastructure and asset managers, as well as affected communities. Embracing the concept of “a changing climate” the event draws on expertise and experience from different geographies – not only within the UK.

John's session is "Taking the catchment-wide modelling approach - what have we learnt? A case study from Kendal". The town of Kendal sits on the confluence of the River Kent and its four large tributaries. In December 2015, thousands of properties were inundated following prolonged and persistent heavy rainfall. The Environment Agency are looking at options to reduce flood risk in the community. To support them, we undertook catchment-based modelling and hydrology to improve understanding of flooding mechanisms and inform flood alleviation options. The complexity of providing wide-scale benefit to an area with numerous environmental designations was significant. A range of options were tested, with numerous model scenarios developed to incorporate combined flood water storage and flood defence options. The proposed scheme will deliver an improved standard of protection to over 1,400 residential and 1,100 non-residential properties. The presentation takes a candid look at what we have learnt from this project.

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