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Health and Safety Expert Witness services

We have a number of health and safety expert witnesses with a wide range of experience. Below you will find a brief overview of our capability and specialist topic areas. Due to the nature of health and safety, each topic can be very broad and complex. Our team will be happy to discuss matching your area of interest or requirements with one of our specialists. Please contact – Project Manager, Expert Witness Services. 


Asbestos related ill health can take many years to manifest itself which can make cases complex.  We have preciously support on asbestos related cases and have the experience in this area. We also have experience in the wider Control of Asbestos Regulations. From asbestos sampling and surveys to inspections and management plans or exposure of people to asbestos dust, we have the expertise to provide an opinion on your case.

CDM / Construction 

Capita are the leading experts on the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 with extensive knowledge in this area. Our experts have detailed understanding of the various duties and responsibilities falling out of these regulations as well as management of construction sites generally.


Chemicals cause injury and illness through inhalation, ingestion and absorption. From setting the workplace exposure limits to handling and storage, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations gives the legal parameter to be followed in this area.  We have a health and safety professional who can support you on the management of chemicals and practical use queries as well as personal injury.

Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations

Our expertise focuses on lower tier operations within these regulations.

Compressed air

For technical support around the use of compressed air and associated potential injuries, please speak to our specialists.

Confined spaces

Free flowing solids management and oxygen depleted atmospheres are just some issues that arise out of confined spaces. Our experts can answer your queries and provide specialist support on working in these areas covered by the Confined Spaces Regulations.  Where someone has suffered an injury working in this environment, we can, amongst other things, review management procedures and comment on their suitability.

Contaminated land

Contamination can come from many sources and have unintended impact on the environment and people working near the contamination. Our team can provide information and guidance on a variety of contaminates.

Tower and mobile cranes

Lifting operations and work involving cranes can be high risk with significant opportunities for management failures or personal injury. We understand safe systems of work, planning lifting operations and supervision of the lift.  We have experts who have previously worked in this sector and provided expert witness support in the event of a crane collapse, falling load or other issue.

Demolition work and working with explosives

Demolition activities require significant planning to ensure they run as planned. In the unfortunate event that this has not happened, our consultants can provide you with advice and guidance   

Diving including breathing apparatus


Display screen equipment and ergonomics

Working with technology creates opportunities but can also cause long term impact on health and wellbeing.  Repetitive strain injury and work related upper limb disorders can have a significant impact on employees. Our experts can assist in civil and criminal cases by examining the management of devices such as computer, laptop and mobile phone.  

Electrical safety

Electricity forms part of everyday life but it can kill or severely injure people and cause extensive property damage. We have the knowledge to support you when you are served prohibition or improvement notices or have an upcoming court case.


The environment can have a significant impact on how we do business. Flooding and other unplanned events can have a negative impact on the safety of the work environment.  Where this has happened, we can support you with specialists in a variety of environmental areas.

Excavations / Earthworks

The first charge under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 involved an employee being killed when a trenched collapsed. Capita have been involved in several cases where personal injury arose relating to the management of excavations and earthworks as we have a significant amount of technical expertise in this area.


Falls from height are the third highest cause of fatal injury in the work place and a contribute to a significant number of major injuries each year. The changes introduced by the Working at Height Regulations included including falls from any level, not just the previous 2m threshold. Falls can occur from a variety of places such as vehicles, plant, racking and scaffolding. Our experts can assist in the management of working at height as well as the associated injuries.

Health surveillance

Looking after the health of employees is a requirement of many health and safety regulations such as Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and Control of Vibration at Work Regulations. Our technical experience allows us to support you with incidents regarding the management processes across a variety of Regulations.

Industrial safety

The industrial environment is hazardous and can be high risk with life changing injuries resulting from work place actions. Complex issues covering multiple topic areas arise from industrial safety issues and we can support you to unpick these with our experts.

Lifting Equipment

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations set out the minimum requirements in this area. From ensuring thorough examination of equipment and maintenance to planning and supervising lifts with competent persons, lifting equipment is a complex technical area.  We have consultants with significant industry experience to support you.


Ensuring suitable and sufficient illumination to staff at work can be technically challenging.  At a basic level, different lighting is required for different types of work with requirements around lux levels, glare and colour. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations set out how business should manage this. Personal injury events associated with poor lighting are common and we can support you with our expert opinion on your case.

Local exhaust ventilation

Associated with health surveillance, LEV is required at the right levels to carry away airborne contaminants before they are breathed in. Selection, maintenance and use are some of the topics related to LEV where we can support you.

Machine safety

Safety features of machines such as guards, dead man’s switches, time delay locks etc are there to protect users.  When someone has been injured because of a failure, we can help you.

Manual handling

Moving items is a significant part of many activities and requires good management and risk assessment.  Musculoskeletal disorders account for more than a third of injuries reported to the enforcing authorities of which manual handling is a significant cause.  We can provide advice and guidance on working with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

Mechanical engineering

Our specialist mechanical engineer can support you with an opinion when something unplanned has happened.

Mental health

With no specific regulation in this area, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require risk assessments for reasonable foreseeable risks. As industry takes more responsibility for the mental as well as physical health of their employees this is becoming an increasingly important area. We have seen an growing demand for non-medical experts in this field to advise and support solicitors and their clients.

Noise and noise induced hearing loss

Many employees are exposed to levels of noise that may be harmful in the work place resulting in long term hearing damage and accidents at work. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations set out action levels to reduce the risk to those working in these areas and management guidance to support this.  We can provide a specialist opinion in this area to solicitors and their clients.

Occupational illness and disease

Illness and disease is associated with many aspects of health and safety if they have been insufficiently managed.  Employees working with biological agents, noise, vibration, solvents etc are all at risk of serious and long-term health issues.  We can support you with an opinion on the management of these areas.

Permits to work


High risk activities such as confined space entry, working with high voltage electricity and demolition works are managed with the support of a permit to work which supports risk management.  Our experts have extensive knowledge both in specialists permitting fields and in the permit process itself.

Personal and respiratory protective equipment 


Employers have duties around the provision and use of personal and respiratory protective equipment which range from identifying the hazards, assessing the suitability of the equipment, providing training on its use and regular inspections and maintenance. We have experts with a deep understanding of the Personal Protective Regulations and those Regulations requiring RPE such as the Control of Lead at Work Regulations to help you

Pressure systems


Pressure systems range from relatively small, steam generating commercial coffee machines to large industrial boilers.  The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations place duties not only on the employer and user but the designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer. We have and can support all duty holders.

Ionising and non-ionising radiation

Industries managing the risk associated with radiation range from medical, research and communications sectors.  We have specialists across a range of industries who also have expert knowledge in radiation.

Risk assessment and method statement


The Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999 makes risk assessment the corner stone of any task to allow business to understand what they need to do to control the hazards in their workplace.  Whatever the field, we have experts in writing and assessing risk assessments to determine if they are suitable and sufficient.

Road traffic segregation and road safety


Road traffic legislation is managed by the Department for Transport, however this does not remove the duties of employers to manage road risk and ensure suitable segregation on site. Our consultants have experience in both these fields.



Large and complex scaffolds require specialist input from design, erection, alteration and dismantling.  Falling under the Working at Height Regulations, personal injuries associated with scaffolding include falls from height as well as slips and trips. Our experts can support on scaffolding erected to NASC Technical Guidance and bespoke design.

Site housekeeping and security including illegal entry

Separation of members of the public from site is a requirement of the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984. Injury or incident arising from site housekeeping or security is something our experts have experience in.

Slips and trips


Architects and designers as well as employers and employees have responsibilities in this area. We can support with detailed experience around the slip potential model which includes footwear and behaviour and the pendulum coefficient of friction test which focuses on the flooring surface.



With links to mental health and wellbeing, stress has been acknowledged as the cause of over 11 million lost working days. Our expertise centres around the management standards which provide guidance to organisations on how to comply with law and tackle work related stress. 

Structural failures

Structural failure can have severe repercussions and can be a complex issue to investigate to ascertain the cause. We can support you in this with our structural experts.


Our tunnelling experts can support you on all aspects of tunnelling activities from planning to management.


Frequently associated with noise, vibration is subdivided into hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration.  We have specialist consultants in both areas who can provide information in the management, risk assessment, inspection, monitoring and training. 

Vulnerable workers

A vulnerable worker is anyone who is at risk of having their workplace entitlements denied or who lack the capacity or means to secure them. This includes temporary staff, new and expectant mothers, older workers and young people and those in new employment. Our consultants have a variety of expertise in these areas and can support you.


Increasingly employers are taking responsibility for how work affects employees’ quality of life. Aligned with stress and mental health, our consultants are experts in this field and can provide an opinion on any issues in this field.

Working at height

Falls from height are a significant cause of injury in the UK. Managing the working at height process can be industry specific and our consultants can support a variety of industry and working at height themes.


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