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Health, safety and fire

Working in financial services, with social landlords, healthcare and higher education, our consultants offer cost effective and innovative solutions.

The individual or team will  fit your specific requirements, be that a consultant able to deliver health, safety and fire services, a technical specialist – such as DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002) or Ergonomics, or sector expert – corporate solutions or estate management.

Our service delivery is flexible by deploying managed teams, full time placements to defined projects. Our management systems, electronic databases and bench-marking drive forward technical excellence. Technology underpins our information gathering and audit process.

We work with you, at a strategic, operational or site level, to understand your safety goals, identifying the issues and implementing your controls.

For smaller businesses, our fully managed health and safety support gives straightforward consultancy advice, risk assessments, training and telephone helpline.  

When the unexpected occurs, we can support you with accident and incident investigation and expert witness support from our litigation team.

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