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Ecological Services

Capita's Ecology teams are based throughout the country from the North West to South Wales and work all across the UK. Our ecologists are members of professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM) with team being led by those who have gained chartered status.

Our ecologists pride themselves on maintaining their skills to high standards to offer our clients the full range of habitat and species surveys and assessments.

Our experience covers habitat surveying, both basic Phase 1 habitat surveys as well as more advanced botanical surveys such as National Vegetation Classification (NVC) and habitat condition assessments. We can provide advice on land management options and ways in which biodiversity gains can be achieved in planning proposals and project design.

We can draw on our experience of assessing habitats for their value, identifying issues and balancing the development needs of our clients and assisting them in obtaining planning permission and licences in an
efficient and timely manner.

Our ecologists hold a range of licences to survey for protected species such as:

  • Bats
  • Great crested newts
  • White clawed crayfish
  • Dormice

And have designed and developed mitigation on behalf of our clients to secure licences for developments for the above species as well as:

  • Badger
  • Water voles.

A lot of our work is centred around surveying for protected species such as great crested newts, bats, badgers, otters, reptiles, water voles, birds, white clawed crayfish, amongst others.

We can assist our clients in identifying avoidance measures in their projects or mitigation design that will allow them to address ecological considerations on projects, or obtain licences for European Protected
Species or badgers.

We also provide regulatory advice to local authorities where we work with Planning Authorities providing them with advice on biodiversity in relation to planning applications. This includes reviewing applications for their impacts on protected sites and species including Habitats Regulations Assessments where developments may affect European Protected Sites.

Our Ecology Advice Service draws on experience of members of the team having worked for statutory bodies such as Natural England and securing licences and consents for a wide range of schemes for both
public and private clients. 

We pride ourselves in providing a helpful and pragmatic service to our clients - helping them through projects from feasibility studies, obtaining planning permission, licences and managing site clearance and
construction activities on site in line with ecological obligations.

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