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We combine design and consulting expertise in infrastructure, real estate and the built environment, with software, business process, and outsourcing solutions.

You have almost certainly experienced our work, without even knowing it;

  • when you arrived sooner, because traffic was using the motorway hard shoulder at peak times
  • when you boarded a train and the data fed-back to the Department for Transport
  • when you experienced better-maintained road or cycle networks
  • when you were physically safer in a public place
  • when you paid less tax, through efficient public-sector operations we’ve delivered

Our solutions always focus on the objectives and metrics we agree with our clients to ensure they deliver the desired outcomes, whether that is in day to day operations, customer information, cost reduction, generating income, improving security or driving sustainability.

As independent consultants we understand problems, anticipate needs, respond to change, and propose solutions that best meet the user or service need, to optimise the investment and create value.

We develop our clients' requirements;

  • from the identification of problems, issues and threats
  • through initial feasibility and business case development,
  • to design, specification, procurement, implementation, and ongoing operations.

Our clients include; Highways England, Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground, Department for Transport, the Parliamentary Estate, local and central government, private companies, police, road operators, train operating companies and infrastructure contractors.

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