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Data Intelligence

Big Data might seem like the latest buzzword, but we have been working in this field for decades; collecting, processing, and presenting data.

In keeping pace as technology has evolved, we have developed new skills honed our experience to continually provide clients across a range of sectors, with the maximum enablement that data provides.

Property and Real Estate Data Intelligence

As the de facto partner for clients within our Real Estate and Property business areas, we have integrated with countless data sources, through both direct API integration and our Data Importer which exposes otherwise inaccessible end-points for data sources.

Coupling the Data Importer to our Agility Platform and MS Power BI gives us an immense toolset that allows us to take multiple and complex data sources, develop rules, impart ‘meaning’ to raw data, and present this as interactive dashboards.

Integrating the Agility Platform with our Workflow engine enriches the ‘Situational Awareness’ across the user & management environment, creating client portals and a range of dashboards for portfolio management, regulatory compliance and management information.

Transport and Infrastructure Data Intelligence

Never before has there been such a push towards making sense of transport data and there are a number of new initiatives and technologies that are in play, to collect and process data using the latest techniques, and make sense of them visually.

Using anonymous mobile trace data, it is possible to track end-to-end journeys across multi-modal transport, we can use cameras that employ AI to detect and count pedestrians or specific types of vehicle, and then once we process the data, we can visualise this on a map, schematic, 3D model, or GIS layer.

With extensive experience in counting rail passengers for the DfT, building traffic information databases for Government, and partnerships with cutting-edge SMEs and global software vendors, we can produce the next generation of these transport systems.

Data Intelligence Services

Our team provides a complete range of services, from gathering the data, to making sense of it. Numerous technology options are available which can be developed to meet specific requirements. All of which are flexible and extensible.

API and middleware development

It all starts with the source of the data. Our team can connect to your systems to receive data from virtually any source – an XML feed, an endpoint, a secure file upload, or even manual uploading of spreadsheets – we always try to optimise and automate the process where possible, to reduce human error and administrative overheads.

ETL Extract Transform Load – data normalisation

You have the data sources; we can make data consistent, format it, and improve accuracy and quality.

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Now you have good data, it needs to be stored; we can architect a database or use an unstructured format (AKA Data Lake) to collect the data, ready for use.

Business Intelligence

You’ve got big data. Now what?

Our consultants will have already agreed with you the aims and objectives for your data; what do you need it to tell you? How is it best visualised? How does it drive decision making?

As big data and the need to make best use of it progresses, so do we! Azure cloud analytics and Machine Learning capabilities can be developed to create powerful platforms.

Visual Dashboards

Your data can be used to drive custom dashboards and we have a number of pieces of software, and tools, including Microsoft Power BI, to visualise the data and combine it with external data feeds in a way that makes sense to your organisation.

GIS visualisation

Whether you’re wanting to visualise the perfect geo-economic factors for your next retail outlet as a heat map, or correlate accident hotspots with gulley sensor data, using GIS is an increasingly popular way of combining data sets from disparate teams. This provides complete line of sight across an organisation to make informed decisions, and our historic expertise in GIS and mapping data means we can provide a complete end-to-end system.

Next Steps

If you need help in making your data work harder, please get in touch using the Contact Us button. Otherwise you can contact Ed Tallents or Nicki Shepherd directly via their profiles.

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