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Hosting and support for transport systems

We host and support highways systems for an enviable list of clients including Department for Transport (DoT), Transport for London (TfL) and Highways England (amongst others), so if you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to entrust with your critical system, you’ve come to the right place.

There are several popular scenarios where clients appoint us to host and support their highways system:

Migrating away from your own data centre

Increasingly clients are finding that running their own data centre is not cost effective, when compared to the economy of scale afforded by third party data centres and cloud providers alike.

Traditionally many clients believed it was cheaper to run services in house using existing infrastructure. In practice, when reviewing the costs of hosting a service in-house it is very easy to overlook a number of significant hidden overheads. The cost of server warranties, air conditioning, backups, internet pipes, and other peripherals all add up, and then there’s a reliance on availability of internal staff.

Third party data centres and cloud providers, on the other hand, benefit from economies of scale that come from today’s wholesale models. Sharing costs across numerous services can offer large cost savings, and other service-related benefits.

Migrating to the cloud

Our technical teams are experts in all things cloud. To find out more about the different options we can provide, and which might be most suited to your business requirements please check out our cloud hosting page.

Contracts up for renewal

If your contracts are due for renewal, this is the perfect opportunity to present us with your cost saving challenges and see if we can provide a higher quality service while reducing your costs.

We’re providing a service wrapper as part of a brand-new system

Increasingly we are finding that client requirements for a new system will exceed the feature-set that any single piece of software is able to provide. Hence, we often propose a combination of systems as an integrated solution, adapt it to fit the business, and then provide a fully managed service wrapper, so that clients can benefit from cost savings as well as a complete system, and all under a single contract.

We are independent and agnostic

As independent consultants, we’ve worked on, supported, and hosted, the majority of highways systems in the marketplace during the last two decades.

As a result of our deep and broad expertise in these systems, unsurpassed in the industry, we can host, and/or support, just about any system.


As part of a renowned wider business, we operate to tight infosec standards, we’re ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited, Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and GDPR compliant.

ISO27001 logo Cyber Essentials Plus logo


We work to tight SLAs for many of the critical systems we host for other clients and as part of this, offer a 24/7 helpdesk service that is unique to the sector.

Many of our support team regularly work with the majority of solutions in the marketplace, and therefore almost certainly know your system already.

Next Steps

To find out more about our hosting and support services, please contact Ed Tallents or Nicki Shepherd by clicking on their profiles, or using the Contact form.

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