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Highways Asset Management Systems

Our Asset Management Software team has an enviable track record in delivering systems across the highway sectors; working with the likes of Highways England, Transport for London, the Department for Transport, and local authorities, across the UK.

In fact, there is much breadth and depth to our capability:

  • Design and Build – development of bespoke software for specific requirements
  • Off the shelf products – customisation of our existing products
  • Consultancy – implementation of the best third-party systems available
  • Hosting and support - 24/7/365 ITIL service desk and system availability

We have a great deal of experience in the Infrastructure market sector, specifically in Highways, reflecting the heritage of our wider Real Estate and Infrastructure business.

Highways Asset Management Systems

Structures and bridges 

Our Structures Asset Management systems are designed to simplify the recording and analysis of asset condition (in this case, bridges and other structures), so that prioritised maintenance schemes can be developed and issued.

These systems support a variety of key features:

  • Web-based and mobile-optimised: offline working, photo uploads, GPS
  • GIS and mapping integrations
  • Optimised survey routes
  • Centralised logging and reporting
  • Structure repair cost calculation
  • Powerful search feature
  • LoBEG (London Bridges Engineering Group) compliant asset valuation
  • BCI scoring for prioritised maintenance
  • ‘Management of Highways Structures’ compliant
  • CSS Bridges Group compliant 

Signs and Signals 

Our Signs and Signals Asset Management Systems are specifically designed for managing traffic signs and signalling equipment at the roadside.  

These systems are developed for both desktop and mobile devices, and aside from the usual monitoring, tracking, fault management and reporting features, via a GIS-based user interface, can also produce Energy Return Submission reports.  

Currently used by a range of clients, our platforms undergo continual development, and integrate with a number of other industry-standard platforms for scheme management, CRM, Defect Notification, and others, enabling use as part of a larger organisational platform.

Other highways asset management systems 

We provide a turnkey solution for Highways England's Technology Performance Management Service (TPMS), which uses ‘smart search’, and a map-based user interface, providing bulk-editing, while on-site teams benefit from barcode scanning and easy numerical entry via handheld mobile devices, integrated mapping and GPS positioning.

The web-based interface ensures compatibility for all potential users of the system, and advanced reporting allows a range of data export formats. Mobile users benefit from offline data synch, enabling them to work in remote areas, while device GPS provides crews with directions to their next job

Our team also provides Transport for London with its Network Asset Management System, which is based on a third party product and contains:

  • 750,000+ assets
  • 45,000+ lighting points
  • 45,000 gullies
  • 6,000+ road sections
  • 2,600 lane kilometres of road 
  • 2,000+ structures
  • 800km of drains
  • 580km of highways infrastructure
  • 13 tunnels

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