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Road Traffic Accident Software

The ability to log, store, and present road traffic incidents using a GIS layer is a critical function of blackspot identification and continual road safety improvement.

Capita’s CIRTAS system is the choice of several UK local authorities because it enables users to enter simple queries that derive significant intelligence the data consumed by the system.


Fully STATS 19 and STATS 21 compliant, along with the ability to import data from the Police CRASH system, CIRTAS meets all the main criteria for use by a local authority.


The system has been developed to allow extensive customisation and adaptation for each client.

This extends to integration with other systems, multiple GIS solutions, reporting, data visualisation, automatic alerts, and the ability to consume data automatically from a variety of sources.

User centric design

Designed by Highways teams, for Highways teams, the software is so intuitive that little or no training is required, and it allows users to complete what would be repetitive and time-consuming tasks in similar software packages, with speed and simplicity.


Provided as a fully supported product, it is available using either your own hosting environment, or as a complete turnkey package, direct from us, providing excellent value for money.

What our clients think

“... provides a new level of access to the RTA data, at a far greater level than that provided by our old application...”
“...the integration with GIS makes the process of data retrieval easier for all levels of user...”
“...the level of service, and the new ideas for improvements that we receive from the staff working on our two systems are fantastic...”
“... they fully understand the systems, how they are currently used, and how they can be updated to improve the user experience further...”

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