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Transport Software Rescue

Procuring the right transport software is fraught with risk. Contracts can be a decade long, often outlasting the original teams on both client and provider side.

It’s not uncommon for us to step in and rescue a project. Often a provider and client decide to go separate ways because clients aren’t getting desired levels of support and proactivity, requirements change, and there may be contractual or budgetary constraints.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help

Because we have such extensive experience in the highways software industry, and a loyal team (many of whom have been with us for between ten and twenty years), we’ve seen and worked on many industry-standard transport systems, and some highly bespoke ones too. 

Because our team originated from a local authority highways team, many of its members have hands-on experience of using these systems, giving us a deep understanding of the challenges highways teams can face in doing their jobs, as well as how technology can be embraced to improve productivity and reduce errors.

We’re independent and agnostic

As independent experts we consult with local and national government on a plethora of different transport systems, and with a multidisciplinary team, supporting anything from the latest technology, to decades-old legacy systems, we’re able to tackle just about any project you can throw at us.

We work across the more popular Proprietary and Open Source programming languages and provide a range of supplementary services, including hosting, training, and support.

And our extensive in-house development capability means we’re able to extend and customise legacy systems, and support them, often to a far greater extent than the original providers. This can include anything from making them fit for purpose, supporting new legislative change, or largescale changes as part of a business transformation project.

Next steps

To find out more, and speak to one of our independent consultants, please contact Ed Tallents or Nicki Shepherd via their profiles, or use the Contact form.

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