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Real Estate Projects

Our Real Estate Projects teams have delivered some of the UK’s most challenging and complex projects in both the private and public sector. Key to our success are the strong client relationships we develop, which is why 70 percent of our business is generated through repeat clients.

Our approach is founded upon building a deep understanding of client need through thorough engagement, blended with a deep sector knowledge and clear ownership of responsibility. We provide certainty and direction to ensure a safe, timely and commercial outcome is delivered. We are able to provide the full range of multi-disciplinary design skills required to support clients in the delivery of their aspirations.

This allows us to address design challenges through creative and innovative, appropriate and viable solutions, which draw upon proven technical knowledge and multi-sector experience. We bring experience and an open mind to each project. Every building is considered in its own right, driven by the needs and aspirations of the client, the practical constraints and the requirements of those that will experience the completed scheme.

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