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Energy and Sustainability

Sustainability makes increasing economic business sense for landlords, occupiers, developers and real estate investors.

As well as reducing negative effects on the environment, using your resources more efficiently can reduce running costs, attract plus retain customers, motivate staff, and protect property value.

In the most practical sense, by taking a proactive approach to managing energy and sustainability you will have better and more efficient buildings. We deliver innovative real estate solutions throughout the property life cycle to help you manage energy and sustainability. We are a member of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) Managing Agents Forum. It is designed to improve collaboration between leading property management companies and the services they offer. We have supported the development of the 'Core Sustainability Provisions' document.

In January 2016, we launched our updated Sustainable Property Management Guide, helping colleagues and clients:

  • Understand and manage environmental risks,
  • Achieve financial savings, and
  • Improve environmental performance.

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