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Barnet Council and Re delivering air quality improvements

11th April 2014

Barnet Council and Re, Capita’s joint venture with the council, are delivering key initiatives to help improve air quality in the borough.

The council and Re are advising residents to follow government guidelines if they are concerned about air pollution, which includes cutting down on outdoor exercise if you suffer from asthma or certain health conditions, and avoiding congested areas.

Two bids for funding worth more than £300,000 have been successfully submitted to the Greater London Authority’s Air Quality Fund this year, and a package of measures will be introduced across the borough to help tackle air pollution.

These include:

  • A bicycle hire scheme, introduction of an electric vehicle charging point and cycle stands in North Finchley.
  •  Community led behavioural change projects to reduce car use, change how children travel to school, and increase the take-up of different forms of transport.
  • Silver birch and magnolia trees – scientifically proven to reduce nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate concentrations - are set to be planted in North Finchley and across air quality focus areas.

An Air Quality Champion will also be employed to work with local residents, schools and businesses to promote greener travel and explore the links between poor health, air pollution and sedentary behaviour. The Air Quality Champion will:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of improving air quality for health
  • Reduce idling vehicles near schools
  • Increase the amount of trips to schools by foot, bicycle and public transport and promote physical activity
  • Improve air quality close to schools
  • Create awareness in local businesses about poor air quality

The projects will be delivered by Re.

Re  is a joint venture between London Borough of Barnet and Capita plc. It provides development and regulatory services to residents in Barnet and the South East. The company formed in October 2013.

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