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Capita Has Lead Assessor for ESOS

28th October 2014

Capita’s Anthony Lane has qualified as one of the first registered ‘Lead Assessors’ for the government’s new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Administered by the Environment Agency, ESOS is a mandatory scheme for large organisations with 250 or more employees, turnover in excess of €50m, and an annual balance sheet total of €43m.

To ensure compliance with the new legislation, all eligible companies must have an energy audit completed and signed off by approved ESOS lead assessor on all their building portfolio, transport and industrial activities.

The ESOS assessment:

  • Reviews the total energy consumption of the organisation;
  • Produces a reliable picture of the overall energy performance;
  • Identifies any work the company may have already undertaken to assist with compliance;
  • Identifies cost effective energy saving opportunities;
  • Quantifies long-term savings and values of long-term investments;
  • Ensures compliance with the government’s mandatory requirements, avoiding fines and fixed penalties.

All qualifying UK organisations must register and comply with the ESOS regulations by 5 December 2015.

To contact Anthony Lane or the rest of Capita’s ESOS team click here

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