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Ragnar Lofstedt Gives 23rd Annual Capita Safety Lecture

15th October 2014

The UK government’s chief health and safety adviser, Professor Ragnar Löfstedt, gave the 23rd annual Capita Safety Lecture recently.

Director of the King's Centre for Risk Management at King's College London, Ragnar authored the 2011 ‘Löfstedt Report’ which was part of the government’s vaunted ‘Reclaiming Health and Safety for All’ initiative. All 26 of his recommendations were accepted by the government and are expected to have a huge impact on the UK health and industry.

Entitled ‘The Future of Health and Safety - Regulation or De-Regulation: Has the intent of “Reclaimed for All” been achieved?’ Ragnar’s lecture set out the background to his 2011 report, the emerging issues, and pointers as to where the future direction of regulation may lie.

Ragnar also listed the ways in which the effects of politicisation, both now and in the future, can be minimised:

  • Ensure an evidence-based approach to any review of regulation;
  • Minimise turnover of government/minister post-holders;
  • Accept the need for HSE to change e.g. FFI;
  • Support those making the sensible arguments;
  • Communicate better in co-operation with the press;
  • Work to reduce occupational ill-health via better research;
  • Target SME’s in key industries, such as construction;
  • Introduce risk learning into school curriculums;
  • Establish a risk select committee in the House of Lords;
  • Work with Europe, not against it.

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