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Richard McCarthy Speaks at NHF Regeneration Conference

27th January 2014

Richard McCarthy, executive director - central government and housing, Capita property and infrastructure, spoke at the NHF (National Housing Federation) conference at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), Manchester.

Entitled ‘Re-imagining Regeneration’ the conference re-imagined the future of regeneration and for housing associations in order to help chart an innovative future for the regeneration of communities in economic decline.

Richard spoke in the opening plenary entitled ‘Opening plenary: Regeneration past, present and future’.

Chaired by David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation, the sessions looked at what lessons have been learnt from past major government economic strategies, from the 1980s to the end of the pathfinder schemes, discussing the possibilities for the future vision of housing associations in transforming economically declining areas.

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