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Work Completed on Notting Hill and Ealing High School

19th January 2014

Work on the new £15m extension to the Notting Hill and Ealing High School has been completed.

The project comprised a new four-court sports hall, dance studio and theatre and included a basement gym structure and plant room which was necessary due to the tight site constraints and planning conditions. 

Capita carried out the design for the £2m basement structure and has been heavily involved in the coordinating of the architectural and structural works.

Tara Fraser, Capita, explains: “The main design work was been in the formation of the basement using contiguous hard/soft piles with capping beam. We modified the original scheme proposal by removing the intermediate props to help the contractor excavate the basement area unhindered below capping beam level/main prop/truss.  In addition we have designed the tension piles to deal with the clay heave and ground water pressures to the basement slab.

“Due to the new building location being within 1.2m in some locations to existing structures we have also provided movement analysis and damage monitoring to all the buildings surrounding the excavated site. We carried out plexus analysis and used Autodesk Robot to carry out capping beam and prop force assessment. Due to the complexity, the steelwork frame at ground level was added into the model to ensure that no overstressing of steelwork occurs as the bottom member of the steel transfer structure is being used as the temp prop to the basement excavation.

We have been instrumental in using the main steelwork within the building as permanent props to the contiguous piled wall, and have changed from a traditional excavated/formed basement to a two pronged attack of steelwork erection and excavation to help speed up the construction sequencing (top down construction).

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