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Capita Announces Latest Free Housing Seminar

22nd July 2015

The housing team in Capita’s property and infrastructure business has launched its latest research programme ‘Nudging Your Way From Values to Behaviours’ (V2B).

Building on the success of its ongoing participative research projects – ‘Nudging your way to reduced rent arrears' and the ‘Art of Real Governance’ - the programme will take organisations through a radical new approach to optimising performance through the application of behavioural insights to workforce and team development.

Working with experts from the behavioural insights, HR, brand and communications and organisational development fields - including behavioural change expert Steve Johnson - the V2B programme will combine the trial of a specific intervention within a team or project context with provision for wider organisational learning and the application of V2B principles more generally.

The programme will begin with a free seminar:

Date: Thursday 13th August
Time: 11:30 – 15:00
Venue: Capita, 65 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7NQ

Anna O’Halloran, associate director, Capita, said: “As the social housing sector comes under increasing pressure to deliver more with less, people and performance becomes a key area of focus for driving short-term efficiencies as well as longer-term cultural change. By placing individual behaviours at the heart of organizational development, the V2B approach opens the door for the application of an untapped resource of emerging insights from behavioural economics, Nudge theory and social psychology more generally.

“In doing so it breaks new ground in the area of workforce development and, as with our sister programme ‘Nudging your way to reduced rent arrears’, creates significant innovation opportunities for the individuals and organisations involved.”

The final results of the research programme are expected to be published early in 2016.

Download our leaflet to find out more about the programme.

For further information, or to take part in the free seminar, please contact Anna.O'

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