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Capita Flood Team to Speak at Tuflow Conference

12th November 2015

Georgia Athanasia and Harriet Davies from Capita’s flood risk team will be speaking at the annual Tuflow Conference which takes place from 11-12th November at M-Shed in Bristol.

They will be delivering a presentation on integrated urban drainage and flood resilience modelling - with reference to model build within the ‘Tuflow’ software package – on the 12th November at 1.30pm.

The presentation will include the key considerations required when building and simulating a hydraulic model, particularly when the results will be taken forward to economic appraisals. They will also explore different ways of accounting for key urban features such as gullies, manholes and the drainage network; as well as several methods of representing different Flood Alleviation Schemes (SuDs, Property Level Protection, Flood Storage Areas etc). Their key message will be that there are several options available – think which one is right for the required end product.

Harriet and Georgia have both been part of Capita’s flood risk team for approximately three years, delivering a variety of projects for local councils and private sector clients. In particular, the WEM framework (Environment Agency) has provided a vast variety of work directly influencing the skill set available within the team..

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