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9th January 2015

Capita’s housing and consultancy team is launching a pioneering new initiative to reduce rent arrears in the social housing sector.

Behavioural Economics and Arrears Reduction (BEAR) will break new ground in the sector through the application of ‘nudge’ theory and emerging behavioural insights to the perennial issues of payment collection and debt management.

BEAR represents the first wave of a wider initiative to build an evidence base and a community of practice for the application of behavioural insights to issues affecting the social housing sector. It will provide participants with an opportunity to impact positively on their organisations, customers and careers through the development of evidence-based behaviour change interventions.

Capita's first 'Nudge' seminar will take place at our London offices at 65 Gresham Street EC2V 7NQ on Thursday 22 January - download more information about reducing rent arrears and 'Nudge' here

Read Capita's Anna O'Halloran and behaviour change expert Steven Johnson discussion on their collaboration on Nudge here

For more information please contact Anna O’Halloran (M: 07912 110078 / E: anna.o'

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