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Capita Speaking at European Flood Modeller Suite Conference

25th November 2015

Suzanne Callaway from Capita’s environment team (Design, Engineering and Management Solutions) will be presenting at the European Flood Modeller Suite Conference which takes place on Thursday 26th November 2015 at SOAS, University of London.

Suzanne will be delivering a presentation on 1D-2D flood risk modelling with reference to the Flood Modeller Suite and TUFLOW software. The presentation will focus on the use of the software packages to represent river systems and simulate flood events (results from the models are used to inform flood risk mapping, flood risk assessments, options appraisal for flood alleviation schemes, strategic flood risk assessments, and other flood risk studies).

The presentation will include key considerations when defining the boundaries between 1D and 2D domains in hydraulic models. River channels are often represented in 1D and the floodplain is represented in 2D, with a link defined between the two model domains. Definition of the boundary between the 1D and 2D model domains is a critical aspect of the model build for correctly representing flooding mechanisms and is key to providing top quality deliverables to clients.

The presentation will demonstrate how the application of 1D-2D linking between Flood Modeller Pro and TUFLOW can have an impact on model results. Suzanne will use case studies from Flood Risk projects to demonstrate the key considerations when defining the link between 1D and 2D domains. She will discuss the definition of the bank elevations and common issues identified during model reviews.

Suzanne has worked in flood risk management for 12 years and joined Capita in 2006. She has delivered projects for the Environment Agency, SEPA, Local Authorities and private sector clients.

For further information contact Suzanne Callaway here

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