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Capita's 11th Goodwood sculpture unveiled

25th June 2015

For the 11th year running, Capita’s property and infrastructure business has helped bring to life the iconic sculpture that stands at the centre of the world-famous Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Since 2005, Capita’s architectural and engineering teams have been working with celebrated artist and sculptor Gerry Judah and metalwork specialists Littlehampton Welding to produce the central sculptures erected on the lawn in front of Goodwood House.

This year’s sculpture is inspired by Mazda, the leading marque of the festival. Built of 720 stacked steel beams, the 120 tonne sculpture see two Mazda Le Mans racing cars burst out of the ground and shoot 40 metres towards the sky trailing twisted steel shapes. Put end to end, the steel beams would stretch 1,235 metres – from one end of the Goodwood Hill Climb track to the other.

Gerry said: “Usually, the one thing you never do with steel is to twist it, so this year we had an impossible challenge to find a way of corkscrewing the entire structure, and we succeeded with an elegant and graceful system that shows of the elegance and grace of the cars themselves.

Capita's response to my ideas is amazing; they never balk at a change in direction, a new idea. The team absolutely get the spirit of what I'm trying to do.

Gerry Judah

Artist & Designer

Bruno Postle, Capita’s lead engineer on the sculpture, said:

“This is the 11th year that we’ve worked with Gerry on the sculpture for Goodwood and the technical challenges of this year’s creation made it the most complex yet. Working out how to safely balance the massive corkscrewing steel structure 40 meters in the air was a huge challenge – but we’re so proud of the result.”

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