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Rail focused geotechnical paper

3rd October 2017


Ralph Sibley of Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure Stockport, in collaboration with Mike Russell and Mark Bolsover of Network Rail, has had a poster paper accepted for presentation at the “Ground Related Risks to Transportation Infrastructure”conference at the Geological Society of London on the 26th and 27th October 2017.

The paper, entitled “No such thing as a Free Desk Study…” considers risks, liabilities and opportunities when using “Preliminary Investigation” (i.e. desk-study) data sources, with a railway-specific focus. Publicly-available (free and commercial) data sources are reviewed and contrasted with Network Rail’s wealth of in-house data sources. A key principle presented is that of “data corroboration” to enable the development of an accurate and valid “ground model” for a site, with reference to a specific case study on the existing railway network. The need for practitioners to recognise and understand their own risks and liabilities in using such sources is also considered.

For more information or to discuss specific projects or sites in more detail, please contact Ralph Sibley at or 0161 475 2675.

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