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CDM Regulations: What You Need to Know

14th April 2015

A revised version of the CDM Regulations has come into force.

Key points of the new regulations are:

  • The client is criminally accountable. The client must make, maintain and review project-specific health, safety and welfare arrangements to ensure that they remain relevant throughout the life of the project. There is the potential for fines where there are breaches.
  • Domestic clients now have duties, but these are automatically transferred to other members of the project team.
  • The CDM co-ordinator role is abolished with those responsibilities passed to the client and principal designer.
  • A principal designer and principal contractor must be appointed by the client for all projects upon which there is more than one contractor.
  • The principal designer is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating the pre-construction phase including ensuring that all designers are complying with their duties.
  • A construction phase plan is required for all projects even if there is only one contractor. The client must ensure that an adequate plan is drawn up before works commence, that it is regularly reviewed and revised, and that it continues to be fit for purpose.
  • Notification of a project to the HSE will only be necessary where there will be more than 20 workers working at any one time and the construction phase exceeds 30 working days, or involves more than 500 person days. Notification, which is a client duty, is now only an administrative task and does not trigger any appointments as it used to do under CDM2007.
  • Explicit competence requirements are replaced by requirements for skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability.
  • A health and safety file is now required for all projects with more than one contractor.  The client must ensure that the principal designer prepares the file.
  • There are transitional provisions within the new regulations such that CDM co-ordinator appointments made for current projects extending beyond 6 April 2015 can continue until 6 October 2015. Before the expiry of this period the client will have the legal duty to appoint a competent and adequately resourced principal designer unless the project has been completed.


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