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How investors can approach the MEES

9th September 2015

From and investors point of view from April 2018 the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) will have a significant effect on asset values.

It’s likely to create a submarket of F and G rated properties. Even properties currently rated at D and E may be at risk as the initial round of EPC’s carried out after 2008 expire, and increasingly stringent EPC calculations are likely to downgrade D and E rated properties.

Inevitably, some investors will choose to operate in this submarket, buying up what will effectively be distressed assets at reduced prices. This type of investor will rely heavily on pre-acquisition Technical Due Diligence to advise on how to get to an improved rating at the most cost effective price.

Suzanne Roberts, Head of Sustainability comments "Our message to our investor clients is to be ready for the legislation. Start looking now at your lower rated properties and look now at strategies to improve those ratings"

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