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Navigating Our Way to Smarter Roads

20th November 2015

As cities across the world become more populous and congested, 'intelligent mobility' has the potential to cut emissions, improve safety, reduce congestion and save money.

It's the umbrella term for all the emerging technologies that focus on smarter, greener and more efficient transport of people and goods around the world and its cities - anything from connected or driverless vehicles to better application of transport big data and the development of the smart motorway.

So how is the UK doing?

The government has already pledged £100 million towards intelligent mobility investment with more earmarked for turning an additional ten of the country's motorways 'smart'. And it's not hard to see why. On paper, the introduction of intelligent mobility has the potential to reduce congestion, improve fuel efficiency, increase road safety and cut carbon emissions as well as improving journey predictability... not to mention the entire travelling experience.

Clearly there are significant benefits to our lives and businesses; so what's holding us back?

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