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Smarter Workplaces Need Smarter Thinking

27th October 2015

Capita Property and Infrastructure’s Peter Jones  look at the evolving modern workplace...

  • Empowering employees to improve their environment
  • The software that maps office life
  • Shaking off the ‘presenteeism’

While the traditional office environment of neatly aligned desks may be convenient to manage as a financial model, it’s growing ever further from how we work today.

For most of us work is no longer a single action. Our days and businesses demand a range of varied activities and the smart workplace must evolve to reflect that - even if the cost of providing a more versatile space may initially be challenging to argue.

Even employees themselves can be resistant. There’s something comforting about that familiar filigree of desks and chairs, and the last 20 years have seen plenty of (ultimately unused) breakout areas or quirky furniture arrangements to make the average office worker more than a little suspicious of change.

However research continually demonstrates that empowering workers to control their environment and making them closely involved in any evolution not only secures better and faster buy in, but is also linked to improvements in wellbeing and behaviour. In short it becomes “our space” rather than “My space”.

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