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Practical steps: landlord's obligations on fire risk and compliance

18th July 2017

Organisations need to be clear about how to assess potential liabilities and obligations around fire risk and building regulation compliance.

As the Government initiated inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy gets under way, there is concern across the housing sector at the issues which will emerge and the implications that these will have. However, practical advice, help and guidance is available now for registered providers, local authorities, landlords and other building owners and by taking action now will help with immediate forward planning.

Immediate concerns

The Government has announced the establishment of a new independent expert advisory panel to advise on what needs to be done - well in advance of the report which will emerge from the inquiry. However, much needs to be done in the short term, principally around checking compliance with legislation and the integrity of properties.

Public interest in fire safety and emergency preparedness will remain high and occupiers of high rise properties, or those buildings with over-cladding, have many questions that need to be responded to. The media will continue to highlight any points of weakness and also any organisation which they believe is not addressing its obligations.

Additionally, social media provides a voice to tenants and other stakeholder groups. This exposure can add to an environment of heightened scrutiny and increased anxiety. Landlords need to adopt a proactive and pragmatic approach to the challenges and concerns that are now apparent.

We have provided advice on steps to take now and immediate issues to address to help understand the condition of your properties, and associated risks, so that you are prepared and  able to prioritise and take action.

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