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Tech trends for 2018 - Progressive Web Apps

25th April 2018

You have almost certainly used a smartphone, and downloaded an app. That is, once you’ve remembered your app store login credentials, updated your payment information, found the app you wanted, waited for it to download, and then (possibly) followed a further registration process in the app itself.

Cutting through this unnecessary hassle is a new breed of app – the Progressive Web App (or PWA).

Whether you use Twitter, or not, one of the finest examples of these new apps, is ‘Twitter Lite’. If you are wondering where you download this, you don’t, in fact you may already be using it; if you go to on your mobile device ( - this is Twitter Lite.

Just go to the site, and everything else is automatic. No app store accounts, credit cards, etc; instant access.

The clever stuff happens behind the scenes; a tiny amount of ‘app’ is downloaded to the device in the background, it updates itself automatically, minimises the data downloaded when you’re using it, works when the device is offline, and you can access it from your home screen.

"It’s just like a normal app, but better"

The benefits of PWAs can extend to the organisation procuring an app:

  • Avoid app store publishing
  • No download required
  • Licence-free
  • Automatic updates
  • Access can be password protected using single sign on
  • Nothing for IT to install or manage on the device
  • Supported by the majority of Windows/Apple/Android devices
  • Frictionless user access
  • Reduced bandwidth
  • Offline working

We are expecting to see wider adoption of this technology by our clients.

Our Technology team provides mobile software to Highways teams across the UK using a variety of technologies, so please ask one of our consultants for more information.

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