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Our thoughts on the latest developments across property and infrastructure.

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Navigating Our Way to Smarter Roads

As cities across the world become more populous and congested, 'intelligent mobility' has the potential to cut emissions, improve safety, reduce congestion and save money.


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Smarter Workplaces Need Smarter Thinking

Capita Property and Infrastructure’s Peter Jones look at the evolving modern workplace...


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Colleges and the Impact of Area Based Reviews

Samantha Davis analyses what Area Based Reviews mean for the further education sector...


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We need a very British model of 'build-to-rent' if it's to work

It's not enough to simply 'cut and paste' European or American models, if 'build-to-rent' is to really take off and prove long-lasting here in the UK then we need our very own British approach, argues Jules Bickers


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The forgotten side of Health and Safety

I have been a health and safety practitioner for 16 years now and have experienced many instances of an ‘Elf n Safety’ culture that is used and abused for all the wrong reasons, giving the two words ‘health’ and ‘safety’ bad press and publicity..


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Smoke and Carbon: What the New Regulations Mean

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 came in to force on 1 October 2015 and we warmly welcome this common sense approach to tenant safety.


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Thinking differently about value

When we talk about creating value, our mind focuses on the pounds and pence. How can a project – an investment – generate a return?


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Seven Steps to Better Office Redesign

Approaching a redesign of the office can be a tricky business – expectations are always high, and budgets don’t tend to stretch far enough to create the ideal workplace.


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How clients can ensure success in a high risk, contractor led market

Despite national trends, the London and the South East Construction market grows...


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Five Steps to Delivering Value and Efficiency Through Estate Optimisation

Over the past five years the health sector has seen an unprecedented amount of change. Two key areas have been the change in governance and a strong focus on improved value by creating greater efficiency and improving patient outcomes.


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The Opportunities of Volunteering

News reports continue to indicate that the UK is experiencing a skills shortage, with a recent PwC survey stating that almost two thirds of UK business leaders believe a lack of employees with key skills is hampering their firm’s growth prospects. Most individuals and organisations assume that additional training, simplifying jobs, or recruiting in the skills will overcome the issue.


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Creating the Perfect Workplace?

In my last blog, I discussed the benefits that strategic workplace design can bring in delivering appropriate workplace environments and settings which support the different activities of modern day work.


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Top Tips for Graduates

Paul Clark provides some sound advice for graduates...


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Will Your Business Rates Increase?

Chris Grose looks at how the latest developments in Business Rates might affect ratepayers...


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Staying Ahead of the Hackers

We live and work in a digital age that brings huge opportunities - and commensurate risks.


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SARAH Takes Away the Worry

In April the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015 – ‘SARAH’ – came in to force in England and Wales. This new law aims to provide legal reassurance that the courts will take into account the fact that volunteers, community groups and ‘good deed doers’ were acting to help society, should they have to defend themselves against legal action.


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New kids on the block

The shift away from local authority control of education brings its own challenges, but it also gives developers the chance to work with academies and free schools to meet community needs...


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Industrial Revolutions

Prime office space is in dwindling supply in the city, and for anyone whose lease is up in the next few years, it’s probably wise to not hang around. In fact, get some good advice, fairly promptly!


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The Value

Digital collaboration may not be new but 2015’s attitude to it could be.


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Growth not cuts is the recipe for stronger communities

Is attack really the best form of defence in a local government context?


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Augmented Reality

You wait years for an alternative to reality, then two come along at once...


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The Effect of the Office on Staff

Without a doubt, our lives revolve around our built environment. From home; school; work; hospitals; offices; and public spaces, the built environment around us plays an important part in influencing our behaviour, both psychologically and physiologically.


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The Utilities Industry and BIM

At Capita, we’re already using BIM technology and processes on everything from new clinics for hospitals to sections of HS2...


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Mike Turpin explains why and how Capita is trying to bring FM on board.


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CDM Regulations: What You Need to Know

Download our guide to the revised version of the CDM Regulations.


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Driverless Cars Move Up a Gear

UK to become global hub for research


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BIM With a Bang

How BIM is producing a transformational approach to occupational health management on HS2.


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Keeping the treasure

If low inflation is here to stay, then standard tenets of good treasury management may well not apply...


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Size isn't everything; resilience is the future

Capita's Andy Foster on the question of regulatory services resourcing


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Let there be light

Matt Rhodes looks at the Law Commission's recent findings on current right to light laws


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Launching 'Nudge'...

Capita's associate director of housing Anna O'Halloran and behaviour change expert Steven Johnson discuss their collaboration on our pioneering new 'Nudge' initiative to reduce rent arrears in the social housing sector...


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Section 18 Valuations - Dilapidation claims

This article sets out two Limbs that may provide a defence under any dilapidations claim.


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