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Our thoughts on the latest developments across property and infrastructure.

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2017: Uncertain times

After a confusing and sometimes troubling year, the construction industry must press forward and build the houses that the government and public wants to see.


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Giulia Bunting – Reflections on 2017 Presidential Year at Revo

Giulia Bunting reflects on being Revo president at this pivotal time for the organisation. These are really exciting and challenging times for retail property and place making – and we are an organisation at the heart of it, now with a name and brand more reflective of the industry we serve.


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Are high-performing buildings victim to a low expectation mindset?

High-performing buildings – where design, construction and buildings operators have the opportunity to work together to enhance the well-being of occupants – have held out the promise of better productivity and greater returns for developers and landlords for some time. So why aren’t they happening in larger numbers?


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2018 Housing Predictions: Deborah McLaughlin

2018 needs to be the year we make a concerted effort to drive housing supply across the UK and in particular across the North West...


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What are your hopes for the year ahead?

Deborah McLaughlin, Managing Director of Real Estate Projects, hope is that mayoral aspiration is focused on implementing the London Plan; accelerating brownfield site use and moving towards delivery in opportunity areas.


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Seizing the opportunity

Deborah McLaughlin looks at how cities can attract inward investment and demonstrate its attractiveness to potential investors...


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Capita Housing team react to today's budget

The Capita Housing team react to latest budget with Jules Bickers, Director of Housing consultancy, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure commenting.


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Three reasons you should tackle employee mental health problems

Workplace mental health problems are too common. Our health and safety advisor looks at reasons you should invest in mental well-being of your employees.


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High Performing Buildings: The Value Proposition

Property & Facilities Management team has calculated how much you can save by improving the productivity and engagement through a high-performing building.


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Funded solar PV in social housing may be viable again - but landlords need to move quickly

Opportunity and interest in solar PV for social housing is growing again. Several funded offers are again on the market and there is growing confidence with reducing install costs for big schemes. We are working with several housing organisations to assess funded offers against self-financed schemes and I thought it would be useful to provide a quick summary.


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H&S Enforcement Notices: What you should know

With enforcement agencies facing austerity, it is much more likely to encounter an inspector in response to a complaint, serious injuries or dangerous occurrence than having them call unannounced for a routine inspection.


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How Visualisations Enable Close Collaboration

Capita visualisations repeatedly succeed in raising the profile of developments and projects around the world, in various sectors.


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Practical steps: landlord's obligations on fire risk and compliance

Organisations need to be clear about how to assess potential liabilities and obligations around fire risk and building regulation compliance. In this document we provide some practical advise and guidance for registered providers, local authorities, landlords and other building owners on the steps that need to be taken.


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Crowded Places Guidance and Advice Summary

The guidance is primarily designed to assist those who are charged with leading the security function in crowded places


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High-performing buildings...the next big thing

Mark Tyson looks at how technology can be used to make buildings 'smart'...


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Rising Health & Safety Fines - and what you can do to avoid them!

The BBC news site recently ran an article commenting on the large increase in Health & Safety fines paid out by UK companies last year.


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Fire Safety in Care Homes and Residential Housing

Fire safety is something that cannot be overlooked by any business, but becomes of utmost importance when considering full-time residences, especially when the occupants may be elderly or particularly vulnerable.


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Achieving wellbeing through Air Quality

Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important strand of effective health and safety management strategies but it remains, in many ways, one of the more challenging strands to fully grasp.


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Creating sustainable estates and high performing assets

Mark Tyson, Service Delivery Director within Capita’s Property and Asset Management business, considers the value of creating sustainable estates and high performing assets...


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Capita: continuing to power the north

Nearly three years since the idea of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ was first introduced, the government’s ambitious plan to transform the north of England continues at pace.


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The Future of Work and the Workplace

Accepting the rapid pace of change in a technology driven world, we can only expect even more significant changes bearing on the future office. What could we be facing in the workplace of the future?


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The Commitments

Why other sectors should follow the lead from commercial landlords & keep their buildings smart & working well


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Firing up the Northern Powerhouse

How can the northern powerhouse narrow the economic divide with the South?


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The extra bit of care...

Our country is getting older, observes Richard McCarthy...


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The race to be smart...

In the race to be smart, long-established cities such as London face a challenge not shared by more recent municipalities - how to retrofit the ‘future’ into homes and buildings that may be many decades old.


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To Get Britain Building, We Need to Get Britain Planning

If the government is to effectively revamp the country’s planning system, it must have local authorities at its core


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