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Our thoughts on the latest developments across property and infrastructure.

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ESOS – EU Law & Brexit

As ESOS stems from the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, will it still apply to UK businesses when the UK leaves the EU in spring 2019? The simple answer is “Yes!”


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The cloud is just someone else's data-centre, right?

Wrong! It’s so much more than that; especially when you look at it from the perspective of the person interacting with those servers, every hour of their working day.


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Prime Minister May unveils plans to halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030

Mark Tyson, Director of Property and Facilities Management comments on Prime Minister May's plans to halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030.


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Next level Transport Planning

Ed Tallents, Client Development Manager, discusses the rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs). For those involved in transport and infrastructure planning, EV adoption might seem like old news, in fact, your neighbours might already have one.


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Tech trends for 2018 - Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud gives organisations the flexibility and scalability of Public Cloud, with the efficiency and security of Private Cloud. Our team has experience of migrating large and complex systems into the cloud, so please speak to us if you have questions and how we can help.


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MIPIM 2018 reflections and predictions for 2019

Alex Cousins talks about her experience at MIPIM. Like many others who attended MIPIM this year – I found the atmosphere and agenda very different. Different in a positive way. But for me something was missing that would make MIPIM 2019 an even better experience for participants.


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Tech trends for 2018 - Machine Learning

We've not yet scratched the surface of what machine learning can do, but are already using it to predict the future.


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Tech trends for 2018 - Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps deliver the benefits of traditional smartphone apps, yet with a frictionless experience that negates sign-in, download, and bandwidth issues.


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Graham Sant discusses our collaborative approach

We are proud to champion our status as an ISO44001 Collaborative Certified company, but what does that really mean? What is true collaboration born from? This isn’t simply a process or a procedure, it is a culture, a behaviour, a conscious consideration to build trust or a working relationship with someone in a certain way.


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Investible Infrastructure

Paul Clark, Development Director, looks at Investible Infrastructure, discussing from the point of view of a Town Planner the change in the built environment can be seen as the product of a series of activities and transactions with both private and social costs and benefits.


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HSE clamps down on refurbishment planning

Construction projects across Britain are being urged to ensure the health and safety of their workers is protected as the second phase of a targeted inspection initiative is now underway.


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Paralegal Success for our Health and Safety Expert Witness Services team

Juliet Kelly, a key member of our H&S Expert Witness Services team, has had her legal skills recognised in the UK by the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. She shares her extraordinary journey from Canada to Capita’s H&S Expert witness team.


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Lifting the Cap on Borrowing for HRA New Build

The introduction of self-financing for the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) in April 2012 was accompanied by a limit on the amount of housing debt that each authority could hold.


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