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Our thoughts on the latest developments across property and infrastructure.

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Scotland's EIA Conference 2019 reflections

Rachel Taylor, Associate Environmental Planner reflects on the success of Scotland’s EIA conference. The conference looked at opportunities for enhancing Scottish EIA practice, both now and in the future, by exploring how sharing innovation and experience can drive more effective assessments.


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Low Emission Transport - Buses

Given the urgent need to kerb and then reduce air pollution, we’re pleased to be working with industry partners and local authorities to drive change in this area. We can help you access several potential funding sources with the likelihood that we’ll be able to provide a feasibility study for your organisation with up to 100% cost subsidy.


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Health & Safety Lecture 2019 reflections

Alan Herbert, Director of Health and Safety Consultancy, reflects on the success of our 27th annual Capita Health & Safety Lecture, that was this year themed around “Building for Wellbeing.”


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How we learn matters

Our Health and safety team discuss how we learn and why it matters when it comes to Health and Safety training.


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Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoints

While the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) averted the last health-related transport crisis a century ago, where horse manure lined the streets, today it is electric vehicles that represent the next major step toward cleaner transportation. A 2017 UN Pollution report found that air in 44 out of 51 British towns was unsafe to breathe, based on levels set by the World Health Organisation for PM2.5’s (fine sooty particles). Meanwhile London breached its air quality levels for the entire year, in just five days.


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Flood and Coast conference 2019 reflections

John Dudley, Associate Flood Risk Consultant, reflects on the success of the Flood and Coast conference, a three-day event that advances the debate about flood and coastal erosion risk, resilience and response.


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