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Juliet Kelly - Project Manager, Health & Safety Expert Witness Service

Juliet Kelly is a Health & Safety Project Manager. She works in the Expert Witness services team who specialises in matters of litigation based on potential breaches of H&S regulations, improvement and probation notices, fee for intervention, inquests, civil and criminal court actions including single joint expert reports and insurance claims. She is the main contact for legal clients, constabularies and local authorities across the UK. 

Her legal background started in Canada over 10 years ago where she was a legal secretary and at the same time studied to become a paralegal law clerk. She became a member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario following the successful completion of her training. Juliet's legal experience ranges from small practitioner offices to global law firms and has worked in a wide variety of criminal and civil areas such as employment law, personal injury litigation, insurance defence, commercial litigation (breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty), debt collections (seizure warrants) and class actions/inquiry. 

Juliet is also a fellow member of the National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP) in the UK.

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