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Our People

Stuart Nightingale - Director of Monitoring Services

Property specialist with a career that bridges the London construction and finance industries.

FRICS Project Monitoring expert with a wealth of experience, and a nationwide team.

Experienced in a variety of projects and sectors including high quality residential, hotels, student accommodation, leisure, retail parks, offices and warehousing.

UK Real Estate – Cost effective Project Monitoring, Structured Finance and Technical Advisory services. 

Key Skills:

  • Funding and procurement efficiency reviews
  • Due diligence for real estate developments (and PFI restructures)
  • Business Plans / Appraisal Audits
  • Specialist finance knowledge
  • Project monitoring
  • Cost planning
  • Development management
  • Sourcing finance/refinance
  • Fraud prevention / default risk assessment
  • Providing real estate and construction risk training
  • Familiar with most types of building contracts, SPV senior debt and Loan/Security documentation.

Capita’s nationwide Monitoring Team is engaged by Banks and specialist property finance providers to prevent fraud, validate spends, and to monitor physical progress against planned expenditure. We help our Clients make, and maintain sensible real estate investment decisions. Appointed as the lenders Technical Advisor we recommend and report on development risk and possible cost overruns.

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