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Zara Moman-Crookes - Strategic Healthcare Manager

Skilled healthcare management professional with experience in consultancy roles on numerous projects in both public and private sectors, ranging from Healthcare, Facilities Management, Environmental, Energy and Information Security.

With a 10 year Project Management background, Zara is an integral part of the central team providing support in numerous key areas such as client co-ordination property and estates solutions. Being familiar with working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, from varying procurement routes, Zara’s experiences allow her to be flexible and resourceful to many areas of work. She has had a long standing framework management role through her career with experience in strategic communications and commercial awareness.

She has developed skills in estate strategies, business cases, due diligence, town planning, construction project management and many other areas of the development and approval processes. Zara’s core driver is to develop affordable solutions that provide a safe and enhanced experience for the patient whilst meeting the fiscal challenges faced by the organisation.

On a practical point, Zara is a qualified Project Manager by profession, and has been responsible for process management following robust project management procedures throughout her work. This has ensured a consistent approach and clear audit trails, leading to successful outcomes.

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