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Commercial Property

Sony Headquarters

Client Sony
Project Value £n/a
Status Completed

What did we do

Having received numerous complaints around comfort and wellbeing, Sony knew that the indoor environment of their European HQ was impacting staff’s productivity, but they lacked the empirical evidence to drive change. By remotely monitoring the environment with IoT sensors against 7 key variables (CO2, VOCs, temperature, humidity, noise, light and motion), we looked to identify the source of discomfort and realistic opportunities for improvement.


During the first three months of our live audit process, we confirmed and quantified the issues raised by staff, as well as identifying CO2 as the most significant comfort issue. With support from our Technical Services team, we were able to persuade the landlord to increase air refresh rates and to rebalance the heating system in order to address air quality and temperature issues. We also brought in our acoustics specialists to reduce distracting noise.


Instead of heavy investment, we advised the client to engage with employees, utilising our technology and bespoke surveys, to drive a cultural change around the way space is used for different tasks. Furthermore, we were able to use our data to reprioritise maintenance to focus on underperforming equipment, which had impacted productivity by up to 20%.

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